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Thursday, September 25, 2008

These Taming Blues

Hey y'all, I don't mean to bum any of you fans of modern music out too much, but seeing as that a lot of current record labels have plenty problems with music piracy (naturally so, the economy is dead and the music industry is not the place to be) I think (for a little while at least) I'll start providing music downloads that are either rare or have no chance at pissing on anyone's hair or anything.

However I'd like to say I have a lot of respect for labels who are pleasant about asking for moosic removed. I'd also like to say that I really count on you all (who download from this blog) to go out and purchase physical copies of the albums you download. Without that essential step, the music you've came to know and love is seriously fucked.

Not to mention that there's nothing better than opening the window, grabbing your favorite vice, and letting the needle drop. Even if your favorite vice is your record collection.

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