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Monday, October 20, 2008

We're back - with music!

We apologize for the one month hiatus, but let us make it up to you by an update full of fulfilled requests and new music to share with you!

RIYL:Alt. Country, Wilco, Son Volt, rock!
RIYL:Slide Guitar, Dreamy songwriting, Hawaii

RIYL: Dr. Dog, folk-pop, fun!
RIYL: Devendra's craaazy antics, chix w/ dix, Duck People, chicken titz, et. al
RIYL: Owls, American Football, the Sea and Cake, incredible math rock albums.

Coming up: Timothy Seth Avett as Darling, and Blitzen Trapper's Cool Love #1 EP (I stupidly keep downloading music from iTunes, but I'll find some way to get these two things to you.)

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