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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fleet Foxes- Self-Titled EP

I don't have an album cover for this one, if anybody finds one, leave me a link!

P.S. Go out and support Fleet Foxes, they need the money!

I did!

For that matter... support all bands on here, they all need money!

Download Here:


RIYL: Fleet Foxes doing funk folk, music in general, incredible albums made by groups who have parted ways with their previous style of music.


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papajaflucker said...

thanks a bunch for the self-tiled EP :)

Tulloch said...

Many thanks for this - I've been looking for it everywhere!

soitgoes said...

Thank you I could not find this ep anywhere and i love these guys.

Have you found the album cover yet? If not here is a link to the image:

soitgoes said...

err sorry it got cut off not sure why.

Just image google search: fleet foxes 2006 ep and the green album cover that shows up is the album

Antman said...

Thank you for posting the link! Fleet Foxes are amazing and I haven't been able to find this ep anywhere. Much peace :)