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Friday, August 22, 2008


EDIT: is back up :D

I updated the layout a little bit today, hope it looks okay.

Upcoming Uploads:
the Avett Bro's Emotionalism
M. Ward's Duet for Guitars #2
Calexico's Carried to Dust
Langhorne Slim's Diamonds & Gold
Bombadil's A Buzz, A Buzz

P.S. If you don't have Mount Eerie's Dawn, you'd better get it. Moon Sequel isn't quite as touching as the live cut of it where Phil breaks down, but overall, the albums has a lot of great versions of old Mount Eerie songs. Also, if you don't have the Glow Pt. 2, leave me a comment and I'll upload it, but ONLY if you'll go out afterwards and buy the new vinyl re-issue of the album. It's very worth having.

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Kate said...

It looks awful. CAN I GET SOME DEL NOW PLZ?