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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

100 Years From Now

I don't quite feel it's my place to inject my personal opinion about much into your arrhythmic stream of free album downloads on this blog, but I do have a little bit to say concerning your lifestyle. I maintain this blog for the most common of dudes. My goal for this blog is to provide to those who wish to enhance their musical tastes, you know? I really don't like the idea of elitism in the musicscape today, so I try to avoid posting too much music that's pretentious or trendy. I try to stick to music of one sound or another. On occasion I'll post something a little out there, but you know, only because I like it, and maybe you might too.

Please, if you take anything from this blog, let it be in spirit of adventure and let yourself be immersed in the aural glory of the sounds you hear coming from files you've gotten from me. Don't let it be an attitude that you're more "in the know" about music, because there's a shit ton of people out there already like that, and I don't respect the first one of them.

Upcoming Album Posts:

Dr. Dog- Fate
the Thrills- So Much For The City
Whiskeytown- Pneumonia
Dirty Projectors- the Graceful-Fallen Mango

Also, on an unrelated note, I saw My Morning Jacket for the third time this past Saturday in Louisville and it blew my mind as always. If you've never seen them, do yourself a favor that you'll look back on in 20, 30 years and be like "Wow, sure glad I went to that!"

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Cory said...

Nice post & nice pic (feel free to credit yr source since I took it )