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Monday, January 5, 2009

The New Year

We here at TYT hope y'all had a good start to the new year.

However, once the semester starts up again, it's more than likely going to hinder our ability to keep up a steady flow of album posts. With this in mind, at the time, I am able/willing to fulfill requests that comply with all of three rules so far.
These being:
1.) The album is not from a major label.
2.) The album is not from Kill Rock Stars.
3.) The album is not from Dead Oceans.

This being said, just comment or use the cbox for communication.

I intend to upload some interesting albums through the next week, while I'm doing nothing much more than listening to music.

As a bonus personal favor, if any of you out there know of any resources for learning jazz or braziliany/bossa nova guitar and/or good sites for learning about music notation on the internet, I would greatly appreciate learning them.

As some of you may know, I am personally a musician, and have released well over 20 albums at this point in my life (most on the internet and on CD-Rs) and have been doing so since age 13 or so. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of hip-hop, IDM and electronic music, which is where some of my music is heading. However, my first adventure into music was traveled with a guitar I received when I was eight years old. Ever since I've been trying to refine my skills as both a musician and a songwriter, however, I'm sort of stuck at where I am until I learn how to both read and write music.

Like I said, any good links appreciated, and if you're interested, take a listen to something I recorded a few minutes ago with my terrible quality computer microphone.

Listen here


Dave C said...

Very pretty Brazilian sound. Nice stuff. I like your site too. I just found your it while looking for something else. It was the Carl Newman album caught my attention. Without trying to be condescending, let me say you've got very mature tastes for someone so young (I'm old), which is cool. Good luck with your music, your scholastics, and your blog. I think I'll keep checking it out for the sounds. [You and Kate make a cute couple--a little Risky Business meets Nancy Drew; that Christmas cookies pic was precious.] Peace.

Toby Shorin said...

Request: Bombadil's "A Buzz, A Buzz."

I saw this band live at Kimya Dawson's house, and they were amazing (especially when they stopped in the middle of a song to shout out in unison: "TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES!") but I had no money then, and when I tried to find their album online it wasn't anywhere/had been taken down.

I really want that album.


Henry said...

Here's the Bombadil. I uploaded it around august to this blog, but the link went dead, so this one was reuploaded.