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Friday, January 23, 2009

Dark Was The Night

Just for your information, this compilation including many of my favorite artists has leaked. However, I could not morally be okay with posting the album on the blog due to where the money is going to for albums purchased.

I can tell you though, that these songs are amazing, and as soon as this is available for purchase, I will be buying a copy of it. You can listen to one track from the album a day at the Dark Was The Night myspace. Also, you can check over at YouAintNoPicasso, a fellow lexingtonian's blog, for who the artist is each day.

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Hey 'TYT' ,

On behalf of 4AD, huge thanks for plugging "Dark Was The Night" - AND for not participating in leaking ... .. fyi, "Knotty Pine" by David Byrne and Dirty Projectors is the official preview / promo track and fans and bloggers are very welcome to host / post / share it etc.

Additionally - and as you mention - a series of one-day-only streams are also available on the official, "Dark Was The Night" MySpace page at ... .. these are being streamed on a one-track-per-day basis and fans and bloggers are again welcome to link to them on the actual day of each preview stream (only) ... .. although Red Hot and 4AD have asked that people don’t then rip these tracks and continue to host them on their blogs or post them onto file-sharing sites … .. all proceeds / royalties are going to AIDS and HIV projects and research and, understandably, everyone involved in this project is seeking to maximize legitimate sales (and pre-release postings can potentially have a negative impact on that goal).

Following in the wake of the streams , a series of official widgets are also now available at and fans and bloggers are invited to select up to 3 of their favourite tracks to embed, again using these official widgets exclusively and again with the request that you don’t then rip and post pirated copies ... .. so, as you can see, the selection of pre-release promo tracks now available is very fair to say the least.

For info on Red Hot’s 20 years of charitable work and to pre-order a copy of "Dark Was The Night", check-out .

Thank You Too !!