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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Various Artists- Classical Chinese Folk Music Disc 2 & The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 1

Classical Chinese Folk Music Disc 2
RIYL: China...

But really, this is an incredible collection of old chinese music. It's amazing to me how complex chinese music is, and I hope you all take time to listen with this collection.

The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 1
RIYL: World music, incredible gems of records that have mostly faded into obscurity, albums Jeff Mangum played on his radio show.


phil said...

hi there - i've tried dlding this twice now and it seems that the file is corrupt!!! any chance of reposting, please?!
many thanks

phil said...

forgot to say thanks for all the other great things you've posted!

LaraQ said...

I would like to download the VA-Classical Chinese Music disc as well. Please re-upload if possible. Thank you.

PS: And, if you have the first disc of this set, that would be terrific too. :)