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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sampler #2

I'm actually somewhat not completely weighed down by school right now thanks to turkey break. Therefore, today I compiled a little bit of a sampler similar to the last one, that generally has no direction or theme. These are 22 songs that I really like and encourage y'all to listen to. There's something for everyone, or at least I hope there is.

  1. Eels- 3 Speed
  2. Big Star- the Ballad of El Goodo
  3. Little Joy- the Next Time Around
  4. the Music Tapes- Manifest Destiny
  5. J Dilla- Won't Do
  6. My Morning Jacket- Come Closer
  7. Blitzen Trapper- Reno
  8. George Roark- I Ain't A Bit Drunk
  9. the Books- It Never Changes To Stop
  10. the Unicorns- Stop
  11. Dr. Dog- Little Bird
  12. Tortoise- Gamera
  13. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy- No More Workhorse Blues
  14. De La Soul- Me Myself and I
  15. the Flying Burrito Brothers- Hot Burrito #1
  16. Fugazi- Turnover
  17. Harry Nilsson- Without You
  18. Ghostface Killad- Whip You With A Strap
  19. Talk Talk- Ascension Day
  20. Van Dyke Parks- the All Golden
  21. Uncle Tupelo- Moonshiner
  22. M. Ward- From a Pirate Radio Sermon, 1989
Aside from this, Kate's got a mix she's going to upload once she gets back from Florida.

As far as album uploads go, I'm going to try uploading the new Music Tapes a little later today and hopefully this mix inspires a request or two, so either leave a comment or shout in the C box over there --------------->


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