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Thank y'all for visiting, although our blog is now discontinued, it's not too far fetched to expect another blog from either Kate or I in the next year or two. Until then, happy downloading!

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Saturday, April 4, 2009


At the current time, Kate and I have a whole lot on our plate as the semester closes. This having been the case for a while, we both have to bring our studies to the forefront of tasks. However, because I've put too much into this blog over the past year or so, I refuse to let it die off, and will be making an extra effort this weekend and onwards to post at least two or three albums a week.

I'm sorry about the downtime lately, but I appreciate the support and interest in the blog by our visitors.

My windows computer is having some serious issues with reading the file formatting on my hard drive, so most of the albums I've downloaded in the past few months are all unreachable at the time. I hope to have this fixed sometime soon, but in the meantime, I'll try to post albums I consider classics that I have on my macbook.

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