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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grîzz1y ßeå® - Veçkåtîmés†

Download Here:


RIYL: grizzly bear! mellow, pop, goood


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4d said...

Is this the shitty rip that's been floating around?
I really have no interest in listening to a 128 rip, as no one should....

Henry said...

Sorry for offending you, but not. If you want to complain about this blog, I'd rather you not be a visitor at all.

It always blows my mind when someone is receiving something for free and still complain about it's quality. That's the problem with the music scene today.

4d said...

or you could just include a bitrate, which really isn't hard at all.
I'm not going to judge weather or not I'm going to buy an album from a 128.
The 'problem with the music scene' is people filling their itunes up with as many shitty rips as possible from blogs like this and never buy the actual album.
blows your mind....cmon...

Henry said...

Okay, when you're running a blog that I want albums from, I'll make sure you always post the bitrate.

I doubt however, you have any musical knowledge whatsoever, and you're one of those types who owns expensive headphones and calls himself an "audiophile" and you sit in starbucks with your macbook and wade in your own pretentiousness. But that's just a shot in the dark.

Please, do not continue to post, I'm not gonna ban you unless you try to keep dicking on me. I'm trying my best to be civil and avoid causing drama on the internet, but could you give it a rest and find another blog to fuck with?


Kate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
4d said...

You couldn't be more wrong.
And what a fucking weird thing you turned around and made into a personal attack.
You don't need expensive equipment to listen to music on.
But not having expensive shit to listen to music on is all the more reason to listen to better quality versions.
You're not listening to it how the artists wants it to be heard when you listen to a shitty rip.

And yeah, I do have expensive headphones.
I spend my money on music (instead of really cool polos and sweaters...) because that's what I care about.
my complete lack of musical knowledge....wowwwww.


Henry said...

You're the one on the attack. If people want to really hear the artists' vision of an album, they would do the responsible thing and purchase the album, instead of looking for the best rip on mp3 blogs.

I don't get what you're trying to prove here by saying all this shit, no one's going to read this and it has no benefits. As far as I'm concerned, it's not worth my time to analyze and find the bitrate, and this blog is truly meant only to preview music before buying it.